Ragdoll Cats Are Worth Being Your Best Companion 

Ragdoll Cats Are Worth Being Your Best Companion 

Many people like to have ragdoll cats and take care of them as an important family member. Varying in six basic colors, four types, two variations and three different patterns, these cats are ever-present figure in the world of animals. Ragdoll cats belong to people-loving bread and like to get human’s attention and affection.

Since ragdoll cats seek attention, you cannot ignore them for a longer period of time. They are always ready to be stepped on their owners if they step back without looking at them. Most ragdolls are easier to train when compared to other cat breads. They tend to be affectionate and intelligent, and are much interested in living among humans.     

Owning a ragdoll means you need to leash train it. They are mostly intended to stay indoors, and generally refuse to be outdoors for any length of time.  You might have panicked many times when you thought your pet had run away and found him after half an hour curling up somewhere unexpectedly.

When it comes to all possible types of ragdolls, it is almost impossible to discover all since they differ in over 240 variations. Most breeders, however, tend to deal in traditional types of ragdolls because of the ease of availability and increased popularity.  Some of the most common variations of this cat breed include lynx or tabby and tortie.

Below is some important information about ragdoll cats.

Basic Colors


Ragdoll cats are very beautiful. They are usually seen in six basic colors such as:


  • cream – white body with soft cream color on the points
  • red – almost cream color on the body with dark red orangey color on the points
  • lilac – white body with slight lilac-blue on the points
  • black – shades of cream and brown throughout the body and dark seal or black color on the tail, ears, and other body parts
  • blue – silvery blue and grey colors throughout the body with dark bluish grey color on the points
  • Chocolate – light cream and milk chocolate brown throughout the body with dark brown or black color on the ear and light chocolate creamy-colored points on the tail.


Unique Beauty & Loving Nature


Whether you choose a blue eyed black cat for your family or go for a kitten with shades of cream and brown throughout the body, ragdoll cats always stand out because of their unique beauty and glorious attraction. If you already have a cat from ragdoll bread, you probably always see it following you around on the floor. Interestingly, most of these cats love water and get into the bath with their owners.


No Common Sense


Interestingly, the breed of ragdolls is intelligent but lacks common sense at the same time. You will find them happily running onto a road, approaching any dog or other animals, or even jumping into any water pool. Do not forget to share your food with your ragdoll as they do not let their owners try eating a yummy piece of fish without giving any to them.


Ragdoll cats are perhaps the cutest cats in the world. Many people even like to choose a blue eyed black cat from this breed as their family pat. They are obviously very sweet but can be too annoying sometimes. They love spending as much time with you as felinely possible.


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