Shopify Inventory Management – Features & Benefits

Are you running an online business and you’re uninterested in the hustle and bustle of the inventory management that your old-fashioned programmed system is inflicting you? Are you finding it tough to grow your business as you’ve got to focus a lot of on inventory management than searching the way to increase your sale?

Whatever your Shopify inventory management woes may be, the Shopify platform is designed to make your life easier and your customers happier.

Setting Up and Organizing Your Products

The first step to solid inventory management is putting in and organizing all of your product within the system you’ve chosen. And there’s a lot of to that than simply assignment a barcode and giving every product a name. Consider classifications that add up in your business.

For example, Shopify inventory management system lets you group products by category, type, season, sale and more.

Managing Product Variations

Managing many variations of one product is tough if you don’t have a proper inventory management system in place. With Shopify, you’ve got free reigns to offer any range of versions for one product to reflect completely different sizes, materials, colors and more. Each variation will have its own SKU, price, weight and inventory range.

Assigning Barcodes

Whether you’ve got existing barcodes to be assigned to specific products otherwise you ought to produce new barcodes for recent inventory you plan to stock, Shopify inventory management system is flexible and accommodating. Use barcodes to stay track of each product you sell and obtain Shopify’s wireless barcode scanner to ring in client orders instantly on the spot anyplace in your store.

Tracking Stock Counts

With Shopify inventory management system, you’ll seamlessly track stock counts, set up automated reminders to put orders or to manufacture more product once the count hits a certain number, and update inventory numbers once you receive a new cargo. Never let customers order out of stock again and stay on top of inventory thus you’ll avoid finding yourself with deficient or an excessive amount of stock handy at any given time.

Inventory Management Apps and Plugins

Whatever you’ll be able to consider that may build your life easier once it involves managing your inventory, chances are Shopify app store has it. With various inventory apps and plugins to decide on from, you’ll be able to sell across multiple channels, discovered reminders, mechanically request product reviews from customers so rather more.

Gaining Insight into Your Inventory

Shopify inventory management system helps you see exactly how your inventory is moving. Why does this matter? Because it will assist you plan future orders, forecast sales, produce winning promoting campaigns and style special promotions around your inventory numbers.

Benefits of a Good Inventory Management System

Most significant benefits you can expect from a good inventory management setup include:

  • It will never again over-order
  • It will avoid tedious inventory recounts
  • It will eliminate any chance of wasting money on slow moving products
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • It will remove error-ridden manual processes

So Ready to Take a Step in the Right Direction?

If you’re tired with handling inventory problems in your business, learn more about concerning Shopify inventory management platform. Establish specifically however our system will assist you run your business a lot of efficiently, avoid wasted time and money, and attract paying customers once more and once more.